Message from the President of Ono Aviation

Welcome to Ono Aviation.
Thank you for considering the flight training program at Ono Aviation.

Humans have always dreamed of being able to fly. Through great effort and determination, this dream was eventually realized. We can now fly in airplanes and helicopters!  This remarkable achievement is a very recent development in human history. Initially, flying was limited to a privileged few.

However, we are now in an age when ordinary people can enjoy flying.  In the US, many people have pilots’ certification. This certification enables people to fly for recreation, transportation or as an occupation.

In Japan, big changes have taken place within the airline industry. Ten years ago, there were only 3 large airline companies. Now, due to relaxation of the rules, more than 20 airline companies fly all over Japan. These companies use small planes. This change from big airplanes to small airplanes means that there is now a greater need for pilots than ever before
Airplanes and helicopters play a big roll not only in public transportation but also in rescue work, police work, news reporting and medical service. There is a need for pilots in all these areas.

Recently, there has been a change at Haneda, Tokyo International Airport. They are using a new runway there and the Japanese government plans to make this airport the hub airport in Japan.  In addition, Runway B at Narita Airport has been extended.
Pilots are always needed, despite recent events such as the recession. The airline business continues to grow due to changes in airline companies and relaxation of the rules. Ono Aviation has been training people to become good pilots since 1999. Many of our graduates now work for airline companies as pilots.

When you choose a profession with a good future and stability, you have peace of mind and security. In a competitive, fast paced world, the knowledge and skills we will teach you will be an asset in your professional life. Anyone can learn to fly, regardless of age. Flying is exciting and enjoyable.  I hope you will consider this exciting and promising profession.  My staff and I will support you in achieving your goals!

Hideo Ono,
The president of Ono Aviation.

Biography of Hideo Ono.
He was born in Yokohama in 1947.
Graduated from the College of Science and Technology of Nihon University.
Worked for Japan Flying Service and The Department of Aviation of The Mainichi Daily News as a pilot.
Worked for Aviation Department of Kawada Industries, INC. as a general manager in Oregon for 8 years.
Established Ono Aviation, INC. in 1999.


Commercial: airplane single engine land, airplane multi-engine land,
Airplane instrument rating.
Certified Airplane Instructor.
Commercial: Rotorcraft/Helicopter land Reciprocated Rating.
Commercial: Rotorcraft/Helicopter land Turbine Rating.
The United States.
Commercial: airplane single engine land, airplane multi-engine land,
Airplane instrument rating.
Certified Airplane Instructor.
Certified Instrument Instructor Airplane.
Certified Multi Engine Airplane Instructor.
Airline Transport rating Rotorcraft/Helicopter
Certified Flight Instructor Rotorcraft/Helicopter.
Certified Instrument Flight Instructor Rotorcraft/Helicopter.





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