Training Surroundings

About Corvallis Municipal Airport.

Frontier Flight SVC is located at the Corvallis Municipal Airport.

The conditions at the Corvallis Airport make it an ideal place to train.

There are many advantages to learning to fly here.





This airport has two runways. One runway is 3,345 feet and the other is 5,900 feet.





The runways provide a chance to learn a variety of approaches, including visual, instrument landing system (ILS), and very high frequency omnidirectional radio/distance measuring equipment (VOR/DME).

At the Corvallis Airport, flight training is safe and efficient because there's no traffic control tower and no air traffic congestion. You don't have to yield to other traffic.  In addition, since there's no big airport nearby, you don't have to worry about airspace restrictions.
Such ideal training conditions are not common. The United States is a large country but the ideal conditions at the Corvallis Airport are special. It is especially suitable for international pilot trainees who are not fluent in English and not familiar with ATC.
Since both airplane and helicopter examiners are permanently stationed at the airport, you can take your exams whenever you want.  You can take the written exams in the same building where we are located. You can take the written exams every day. It is very convenient.

When you take flight training in a foreign country, and you have limited time and money you need to get your license in a short period of time. Although this isn't easy, the ideal conditions here make this task easier for you. We provide a safe, efficient and effective program where you will gain accurate knowledge and good technique.

Approach on ILS. (You can practice. You have to use the latest chart on your practical flight.)

Instrumental Landing System.

Instrumental Departure System.

Licenses you can get:
Private Pilot License.  SEL,MEL.
Instrument Flight Rating License. SEL, MEL.
Commercial Pilot License.  SEL, MEL.
Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instrument Instructor, Certified Multi-engine Instructor. SEL, MEL.
Airline Transport Pilot.  SEL, MEL.








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